The Things That Summer Brings

Summer won’t be bringing potato salad, because she knows at least three other people will. Frankly she prefers to show off a bit more, as she did this weekend at Magic Pony Mountain (um…cough, Mount Rogers National Recreation Area). In no particular order, here’s what summer really plans to bring.

  1. A cool, gushing chute of water in a fern-filled glade. Summer can be a dirty, dirty girl, but she cleans up quite nicely.waterfall
  2. A cozy campsite framed by blooms of mountain laurel. (Pro tip: Summer won’t actually bring a flask of bourbon that tastes like butterscotch on fire, but it is strongly recommended as an excellent complement to your campsite in any season.)mountain laurel
  3. A creek. Yes, it’s there all year round, but summer seriously knows how to put the cherry on top of a good creek. Need I say more?creek
  4. Fresh salad greens everywhere, much to the delight of magic (um, I mean feral) ponies, who always adore a healthy, plant-based meal (or an unlawfully obtained granola bar, as the case may be).horsies
  5. A nondescript bush that might not catch your eye for 11 months out of the year, but that is suddenly alight with beauty that lures you off the trail like a siren.

    Native Flame Azalea
  6. Lush growth along paths that soar out to blue skies and endless mountains.

    Rhododendrons cascading above the Appalachian Trail
  7. At the end of the day, summer’s a flirt and she’s always trying to seduce you into coming back.

    Coming soon: blackberries!
  8. And finally, if you’re lucky, summer will bring you home.home




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