Time and Choice

The thoughts we allow to enter in, and the actions we choose each moment, give birth to the next moment and all the moments that flow from there. Time will bend and shape itself to how we choose to spend it, but ultimately it comes in a limited quantity. The existence of choice affords a certain type of freedom, but none of us chooses from an unlimited menu. My mother, sister, niece and I were privileged to choose to spend this past weekend in the mountains of Virginia caring for ourselves and each other.


It’s human nature to crave certainty. We want to know the right career; the right partner; the right place to live; the right time to change jobs/have children/retire, etc. We make lists, weigh pros and cons, and analyze our choices endlessly. In the end though, with each of these big decisions we are mostly just spinning a wheel and hoping for the best. Some of our efforts will bear fruit; others will become beautiful ruins. Regardless of outcome, all were right choices if they were undertaken with good intention.


It is in the little decisions that our true path is charted. One moment at a time, we have the chance to choose the actions that reflect our values; define who we are; and walk in peace. We have the chance to choose kind words; to have the difficult conversations; to give the benefit of the doubt; and to spend time with the people we care about. In the end, these are the choices that are truly momentous. We walk in the dark, never knowing how much time we have or which choices we will never get to make. In each mindful moment, though, we make the small choices that light a path of purpose and love.






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